Expand your reach everywhere

Record yourself while reviewing other people's videos. Provide detailed feedback. Teach, inspire, and get paid.

We provide the tools

We put in your hands the tools to review video or audio files and provide perfect feedback.

You, teach and inspire

Your students will see you interact with their recordings as if they were there and will have your feedback forever.

Earn money

Earn money every time a student sends you a recording. Get paid monthly through direct deposit into your bank account.

Inspire students

Help people improve their skills, advance their careers, and perfect their craft.

Join our community

Take advantage of our community of coaches to gain new students.

Envision your success

Step 1
Create your profile

Add profile and cover photos. Tell a little about yourself, your expertise, and how you can help.

Step 2
Record your feedback

Lights, camera, action: Start recording yourself while watching your student's video. Pause it. Move it frame by frame. Type comments or draw to highlight specific points. Your students will later watch their videos exactly as you did.

Step 3
Build your community

Reach out. Talk to people. Tell about your service on social media. Ask your students to recommend you.


Simple Pricing

You keep 80% of what students pay for your reviews.

Of what your students pay
Deposited directly into your bank account
Sign up as coach

...and start coaching.